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Is Sclerotherapy a Solution for Spider Veins?

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Is Sclerotherapy a Solution for Spider Veins?


Sclerotherapy in a simple office procedure that can eliminate unsightly spider veins in your legs. Many of us look forward to spring and summer, but cannot stand the thought of wearing shorts or a swimsuit because we suffer from discolored spider web like veins on our legs; and we’re not alone.

Approximately 50% of Americans have the same (or similar) vein problems – and now there is an easy solution…
At Advanced Vein and Vascular Sclerotherapy is one of our most popular treatments for removing spider veins. It involves injecting smaller; problem veins on the legs with a sterile solution that irritates the lining of the blood vessel and makes the problem vein go away. It’s that simple. Really.

This is a non-invasive procedure that rarely requires any anesthetic, and can be performed in our office. Very small needles are used and usually only one injection is needed for every inch of vein treated. A session will usually take about 30 minutes, depending on the number of veins to be treated. Our staff will apply a bandage to the treated area, and will likely recommend that you use support hose or socks that provide light compression for a few days afterward.

Most patients will require a few sessions over a several week period to completely eliminate spider veins, though some patients see results after just a couple of treatments. Sclerotherapy is most often used on small- to medium-sized veins. Other procedures are used to treat larger vein problems.

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